SOLARBRE is a privately-held company operating since October 2001, founded to commercialize proprietary photoactivated additives for a wide range of industries including skin care, hair care, fragrance, laundry detergent, drug delivery and agricultural applications. SOLARBRE’s technology and products work with natural sunlight to provide a controlled time-released reaction for the release of product specific active ingredients.   With more than 15 patented technologies covering microencapsulation and direct release technologies, SOLARBRE has solutions for your industry and markets. SOLARBRE aims to be the leading manufacturer and developer of photoactivated compounds through it’s proprietary additive lines: PhoDerma™, PhoPella™, PhoPleno™, PhoRoma™, PhoMedici™. and PhoCide™. For more information please contact us at info@Solarbre.com.
    • Strategy
    • SOLARBRE's mission is to be the industry leader in the creation and development of photoactivated technologies.
    • Management
    • Michael H. B. Stowell, Ph.D.
    • Founder and CSO, Research Development

    • Loan Tran, B.A.
    • CEO, Business Development

    • Milton Yatvin, Ph.D.
    • Founder and Director

    • Collaborations and Partnerships
    • Knowing that every company's needs vary, SOLARBRE has a flexible partnering philosophy and is open to a variety of collaboration models. The company's goal is to generate a broad portfolio of partnerships across our program offerings, while maximizing the joint value of every program.
  • News & Events
  • Solarbre completes efficacy studies of new drug delivery product
  • Solarbre offers new light activated catalyst for controlled polymerization
  • Solarbre completes microencapsulation study for herbacides