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Knowing that every company's needs vary, SOLARBRE has a flexible partnering philosophy and is open to a variety of collaboration models. SOLARBRE's goal is to generate a broad portfolio of partnerships across our program offerings, while maximizing the joint value of every program.

SOLARBRE is proud to enable our collaborators' success through the following programs:

PhoDerma™:    Proprietary sunscreen additives, are photoactivatable sunscreen additives that can be formulated with currently sold sunscreens. This additive allows sunscreens to adjust the effective SPF to higher values in response to overexposure to the sun.

PhoPella™:      Propriety hair care additives, are photactivatable sunscreen additives designed for hair protection.

PhoRoma™:     Proprietary fragrance additives, are photoactivatable fragrance additives that can be formulated with currently sold fragrances or used to develop novel new fragrances.

PhoPleno™:     Proprietary laundry detergent additives that remain bound to clothes following routine washing and imparts clothes with a light activated fragrance.

PhoMedici™:    Proprietary light activated drug delivery technlogy.

PhoCide™:       Proprietary light activated herbacides and pestacide formulation that prolong activity, decrease application quantities and decrease groundwater contamination.  

To discuss partnering opportunities, contact:
Business Development Team
Mailto: bizdev @