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 Novel Photoactivated Additives

The company’s core technologies are photoresponsive sunscreen agents and photoreleasable fragrances that are all activated by natural sunlight. These technologies are derivatives of the naturally occurring benzoin oils from the Far East Styrax Benzoin tree cultivated in Borneo, Java, Malaysia, Sumatra and Thailand. Benzoin oils have been used for centuries in friar’s balsam and as a fixative in perfumes. SOLARBRE has discovered and improved the photoresponsive and photoprotective properties of benzoins. In so doing SOLARBRE has developed novel benzoin derivatives that are stable and inert in the absence of sunlight but upon exposure to sunlight these compounds undergo a highly efficient photoconversion that gives rise to a photoprotective agent and, if desired, a fragrance. These technologies are capable of accomplishing several desirable effects. Incorporated into a sunscreen or shampoo they endow the skin or hair with self adjusting SPFs. Incorporated into a laundry detergent, soap, lotion or perfume they can endow textiles, skin or hair with solar activated fragrance release.